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Hey guys, sorry for leaving u waiting all this time. I’ve been really busy since I bought Falcon and posted this thread, so I haven’t had the time to go into depth with Falcon and become familiar enough with it to write a proper request to the developers. But I finally got the time to fiddle around and get to know Falcon, so I’ve just sent this request to the developers:

I’m the happy owner of UVI Falcon and I’m for the most part extremely happy with it. I just miss the possibility to make wavetable FM synthesis like it’s possible in ie. Virus TI and Xfer Serum.

I understand it would be hard to implement inter-modulation between oscillators in the structure of Falcon, but I have an idea how we can get the same result fairly easy (I think/hope).

My idea is to make a new modulation source: An HFO. Like an LFO but using frequencies in the audible range.
The HFO should have the possibility of choosing wavetables and other complex waves beside the standard waves included in an LFO. 
   It should also have a key tracking ON/OFF button to serve as SYNC. I think an ON/OFF button is the way to go, to ensure the frequency of the modulator is in pitch with they pressed key. Maybe with a transport knob for ± 1 or 2 octaves.

the HFO can then be used to modulate pitch or phase of any oscillator and the desired wavetable FM synthesis would then be possible 🙂 And I’m sure it also will open up the way for some other crazy sounddesign as well!

Best hopes,

PS. an undo-button would also be highly appreciated!


I hope both u guys and the developers of Falcon likes my idea and will implement it sooner or later 🙂