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Here comes a first demo for the Falcon patch Mallet Hang RR6 5Vel 9Pitches from Falcon Singles – HANG.

Multi-sampled Hang played with a hard felt mallet, all 9 pitches were sampled at 5 velocity layers / 6x round robin (270 samples are used in this patch – wav 48Khz/24 Bit/stereo – recorded in L-C-R with 3 Neumann microphones, all signals are phase-aligned). As the original tuning of the Hang deviates somewhat from the normal tempered tuning (between 17 and 42 cents above tempered tuning -> 440Hz) you can dial in tempered tuning with a Macro, dialed hard right all pitches are 100% tempered. Only the 9 original pitches are mapped in this patch.

Two key-switches let you select the round robin mode, KS1 located at C0 selects cycle round robin (all 6 samples in a chain are played consecutively), KS2 at D0 selects random cycle round robin (Each oscillator will always be triggered once per cycle. Additionally, the first note of a cycle will never be the same as the last note of the previous cycle, so there won’t be any direct repeats).

20+ Macros are available for full ADSR control, panning randomization per note, EQ with 3 bands, Thorus/delay/convolution/algorithmic reverb/compressor/maximizer. MW adds pitch randomization per note.

I’ll make a chromatic patch next, also adding round robin bass/sub samples from the backside of the instrument. Then there is the finger articulation to cut and edit (also 270 samples).