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Live on video: demonstrating/improvising with the Falcon patch Granular Harmonics from Falcon Singles – HANG.

Patch description:

Wave-tabled/spectralized rubber-ball Hang textures running in multi-granular mode with zone crossfades between A#2 – G3 , two pitches were sampled at C1/C3, mapped one octave higher in Falcon (C3 sounds C2).
Granular controls for speed/perforation/position (also via AT) are installed, MW randomizes grain pitch. An analog LP filter has a cutoff control, with the cutoff Macro dialed to the left, slow, tempo-synced filter modulation can be engaged with another Macro.
In a 2nd layer there is an analog stack drone with PWM and filter modulation (on layer level), control overall volume and volume of the sub-oscillator (OSC4) with 2 Macros. More controls for Thorus/delay/reverb/limiter FX are available. 15 Macros and an on/off-switch for the limiter are installed.

All videos for this library are here: