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Improvising with a single patch from the upcoming sound library Falcon Singles – HANG, some Macro/modwheel automation.

Patch description:

A long processed Hang scape exciting the resonators in the pluck oscillator, sample start is randomized. In a 2nd multi-granular oscillator there is a Hang tremolo texture played with hands on all pitches of the instrument, control it’s volume with the assigned Macro, grain speed/position are randomized.

Pluck osc is set to inharmonic/sustain/stretch mode, control the decay of the resonances and modulation of the stretch parameter via LFO with the assigned Macros. MW decouples the two strings, creating RM-like effects and randomizes grain pitch in OSC2. Tune string two up a perfect fifth/octave with a Macro (scaled via mapper).

More Macros let you dial in tempo-synced LP filter cutoff/resonance/drive modulation, Thorus/delay/reverb/limiter FX.

15 Macros and 2 switches are assigned.