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After claiming triggering layer level LFO with each midi note is impossible, I tried this with the same work around… And it works perfectly ! Eh eh…… So it’s perfectly possible to modulate program or layer level with almost all modulation sources triggered by midi note. When I purchased Falcon, just when UVI released it (the price was good for 1 month), it was the first question I asked to UVI support. And they never told me nothing about this work around..! I thought that it was such a pity ! The 2° message I sent them was about my surprise to see there is no UVI forum ! No, we have a forum where there is this essential work around..! 😉 Excellent !


Well, it’s only monophonic, so it´s just a workaround, useful in many situations, but polyphonic/re-triggerng/per voice modulations still only happen on keygroup level.