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Nice update, just a little disappointed that they didn’t add the UNDO function and fix the PDC on some of the FX yet… Falcon is probably the only vst that doesn’t have those too industry standard functions…

What effects require PDC out of interest?

From the top of my head: both limiters, some distortion modules with oversampling (e.g. waveshaper), Olivier might join the discussion to clarify.

I haven’t used Falcon that much since purchase. I’ve previously been using an Emu E4 Platinum, Emulator X3 and Kontakt 5 (which I never liked that much), so far I’m rather impressed with Falcon.

Been trying out 1.2 tonight, I like the updated xpander filter and other modules. I was also using the Waveshaper with 16x oversampling and didn’t notice anything going out of sync although it was only with a bass that had been split into sub and mid (with the waveshaper on the mid).

I’ll see how the timing is when using it with some drums next time.  I’m using Cubase, I presume this PDC thing is affecting all hosts.