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Well it does matter… if it’s a dummy keygroup, you can’t use one of the mono play modes ūüôā ¬†But you can if you use a dummy oscillator, or a dummy modulation (aka no¬†extra keygroup or oscillator at all).

I’ve confirmed that if you set the modulation ratio to 0 you get no modulation… so you can¬†modulate an oscillator gain w/ the layer / program envelope, ratio set to 0 and it¬†won’t change the sound.

Here’s an example patch that uses this technique. It uses a program ADSR and¬†modulates the oscillator’s gain w/ a 0 ratio (no modulation), and a reverb chain’s return level.¬†The way I’ve configured the ADSR, you’ll hear the initial attack with reverb, then the reverb will fade and it will be completely dry, and when you let go of the key¬†the reverb will fade back in.

I’m starting to get the hang of navigating around list view too. Neat. Thanks to you both for explaning so much of this stuff!