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Okay so I did a bit more experimenting with this. I think it can be done just a bit simpler and more straightforward…

  1. Create your keygroup and add a layer delay like normal. Set the wet amount where you want it
  2. Create a second oscillator within the same keygroup, and disable it
  3. Create your layer envelope w/ legato trigger mode, and route it to the disabled oscillator’s gain
  4. Modulate the wet amount with the envelope, and set the ratio slider to -1.00 (don’t press the invert button)

This did the trick for me. Frankly I’m not sure why the layer envelope has to trigger an oscillator for this to work, but it does. In fact I think you can do it without a dummy oscillator at all.

  1. Create keygroup & add layer delay
  2. Assign a new layer envelope to the oscillator’s gain, set the ratio to zero
  3. Assign the layer envelope to the delay wet amount, set ratio to -1

This does it without any extra keygroups or oscillators. It just adds a single, unused modulation on the oscillator gain. At least I think that’s what’s happening with a ratio of 0 (and that’s what it sounds like to me).

I don’t know how to upload patches otherwise I’d share an example.