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Save the oscillator into your user library and then select it in the other keygroup -> create node -> choose anything -> then access your user library. One can only move keygroups to a new layer in the keygroup editor or copy/duplicate oscillators inside a keygroup via alt+drag.

Ah okay. I’m going to have to get into the habit of saving things into the user library.

So, let’s say I want to save a keygroup preset, which has three oscillators in it. I don’t think you can do that, can you? Basically you can save presets for individual modulators, or entire patch presets, right? So the way to save my three oscillators as a preset would be to save my program somewhere, and then load it in as a layer?

Whoa, duplicating oscillators with alt-drag is trippy! Turns out that’s in the release notes.

Thanks for the info 🙂