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Oh interesting. I had never done it that way. I would just drag an oscillator over the keyboard, and then do it again – which creates two keygroups. I guess mono means it can only play one keygroup at a time… but multiple oscillators are allowed in a single keygroup as you pointed out. Thanks! So, let’s say I have two keygroups, and I want to move an oscillator from one keygroup into another. Is that possible? Tree view shows the oscillators, but doesn’t have any cut / paste functions, or drag and drop. List view has cut / paste, but doesn’t show the oscillators.

Save the oscillator into your user library and then select it in the other keygroup -> create node -> choose anything -> then access your user library.

One can only move keygroups to a new layer in the keygroup editor or copy/duplicate oscillators inside a keygroup via alt+drag.