Falcon has a  large  GUI with a mass of small detail that is involved in editing your patches.bottomcorner

Screenshots of the GUI are found in our Knowledge Base and Forums. If you click on them they will pop up into a lightbox display. This may be closed with the icon in the bottom right corner.

topcornerThey may still appear small in your browser however, so you can enlarge them to their full capture size with the icon in the top right corner, though this may exceed the viewport of your browser.

In this case, you will have to scroll to see the full image, and the controls will have disappeared off screen. Scroll to the icon in the top right to reduce the lightbox size and to the icon in the bottom right to close the lightbox.

It may appear confusing at first, but it is the best way we have found to display the detail of the Falcon interface on various screen sizes.