Users who frequently visit forums and participate in discussions know how quickly a forum discussion can get ugly, including personal warfare, insults and bullying of individual forum members. We don’t want any of that to happen on Falcontinuum, so please refrain from any kind of socially incompetent behavior and try to act as if you were discussing things with real people face to face.

If you have to use swear words, then do, but don’t direct them at any other forum member and keep it calm. Posts that contain any kind of personal warfare, insults or bullying will be removed by the moderators asap. If a member continuously breaks these simple rules, she/he will be banned for good, no second chances.  Promoting or linking to warez, illegal or offensive material will result in an immediate ban.

Topics not related to Falcon should be posted in the respective forum section; any kind of political or religious topics not related to music, software or hardware will be deleted.

Posting announcements for commercial Falcon soundware should be done in the soundware-section, but you may post individual audio or video demos for these products in forum topics if they are related to the discussion. Other commercial soundware announcements are not allowed and will be deleted.