Sound Design - In Depth

Convolution Reverb – Reversed IRs

Q: Can I use reversed reverb impulse responses in the convolution reverb? A1: Falcon has 2 different convolution reverbs, load reversed IRs or anything you would like to resonate, but there is no reverse switch in those modules. A2: Since the convolution uses the same wave editor as the sample oscillators, you can just right-click […]

Polyphonic Modulators – Re-triggering Envelopes

If you want to use polyphonic / re-triggering modulators in Falcon like envelopes, LFOs, step sequencers and alike, you will have to insert them on keygroup level, on layer or program level all modulators are monophonic because layers and programs don’t work per voice, only keygroups do. BUT there is a workaround to create re-triggering […]

User Library

To have your own wavetables, pluck excitations and impulse responses appear in the respective oscillator library along side of Falcon’s factory content you need to move these assets here: $ (documents)/UVI/Falcon/User Data/Wavetable/ $ (documents)/UVI/Falcon/User Data/Pluck/ $ (documents)/UVI/Falcon/User Data/IR/


Falcon does not import foreign sampler formats besides SFZ. Just drag & drop an sfz-file into the program slot. Not all data embedded in an sfz (like e.g. round robin chains) always translate though.