All articles related to the lua-scripting used in Falcon.

Retrofitting (Roli Seaboard Rise) MPE to Falcon Programs

Posted by KVR user snatch59 in the Falcon FAQ thread / patchpool forum: First ensure the Seaboard has MPE enabled using ‘Dashboard for RISE’ (Channel Mode: Multi; MPE: On, Global Channel:1, Range from: 2 to 16). This example uses the Glockenspiel Penta Cloud program as an example. Any program will do, as the aim […]

Scripting – General Information

UVI has very good support for scripting in Lua built into Falcon. It allows you to do a lot (this list is copied from the UVI page): sequencing, arpeggiation performance tools to enhance and create more realistic sequences: Legato, Portamento… instrument-specific scripts to simulate idiomatic playing modes: chord recognition, chord voicing, string selection… etc harmonisation Ensemble/unison simulation […]