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Welcome to "Falcontinuum"!

  • Thomas Helzle
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    I want to officially welcome everybody to this new Forum and Site on everything “Falcon”.

    After several people (including me) voiced their unhappiness on there being no real forum or community for Falcon on the one epic Falcon thread on KVR ( and me finally asking if somebody would be up to create one, Simon ( offered his server space and support and Nik ( his time and knowledge on setting up such a system.
    After many good suggestions, “murnau” on KVR came up with the name “Falcontinuum” that then was selected as favourite in a poll:

    And here we are, several weeks later with an already well supplied knowledge base that Simon set up, (if you want to help with that, ask Simon for a “writers license”).
    The system still has some hiccups since the many plugins for WordPress that make the site possible do not play together nicely in every case, so bare with us until those can be fixed and let us know if you encounter anything untoward.

    Right now the forum may still feel a bit empty, so take a heart and ask questions, share your presets and tips and tricks and if you stumble over something interesting that is music- but not Falcon related, feel free to share it in the “Off Topic” forum.

    It’s my strong believe that Falcon in all it’s depth and complexity is better explored by a community than by individuals alone and I look forward to learn new things and get inspired by all contributors here.

    Cheers and thanks to all those who made this site possible!!!


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    Thank you Simon and Tom.

    I look forward to the growth of this community and the sharing of knowledge.

    Falcon • Logic Pro

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    Thank you Simon and Tom. I look forward to the growth of this community and the sharing of knowledge.

    Welcome to the forum and sorry for the registration hassle which we finally resolved it seems.

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